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    Lustmord – [Other] (2 x Vinyl, LP)

    Lustmord – [Other] (2 x Vinyl, LP)
    Label: Pelagic Records – PEL 185-V
    Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, Reissue, Stereo, Gatefold Cover, Black Vinyl
    Country: Germany
    Released: 2022
    Style: Dark Ambient, Experimental

    The Lustmord project started when Brian Williams was assisting the seminal industrial ensemble SPK in the early ’80s when that project was at its most caustic. In those early days Lustmord was often the duo of Brian Williams (often credited as B. Lustmord) and John Murphy. Later Lustmord increasingly became a solo project.

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    Gudelnaya Polyana – Solar Systo Togathering 2020

    Gudelnaya Polyana – Solar Systo Togathering 2020
    Label: Zhelezobeton ‎– ZHB-LXXXV
    Format: 3 × CD, Album, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered, Partially Mixed
    Country: Russia
    Released: 31 May 2021
    Style: Drone, Dark Ambient, Experimental, Ambient, Noise

    Here we have a three-hour long compilation of live recordings, made in September 2020 at Gudelnaya Polyana (Russian for “droning glade”) – the experimental stage of the Solar Systo Togathering festival. The concept of Gudelnaya Polyana is total drone, infinitely diverse, but united in its essence. Every year in any weather dozens of musicians gather in the woods of the Leningrad region to take part in this ritual action, keeping themselves warm with bonfires, hot pu-er tea and kilowatts of sound.

    In 2020, we were lucky to record the performances of most artists, and many of them agreed to provide fragments of these recordings for a commemorative compilation. The unity and diversity of droning sound is fully represented here since the festival gathers musicians from different fields: ambient, drone, noise, electronic, academic, and even the ensemble of 12-year-old experimenters made their contribution.

    The first disc gently immerses us in the forest thicket, swamps and electrified fogs; the second takes us further into the labyrinths of sound experiments and unlikely consonances; the third begins with the piercing clarity of dawn, which gives way to a calm daytime mood, followed by the coming of night – the deep darkness thickens, we’re riding electromagnetic waves and trying to look beyond human existence…


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    When The Moon Is In Her Second Quarter ‎– When The Moon Is In Her Second Quarter

    When The Moon Is In Her Second Quarter ‎– When The Moon Is In Her Second Quarter
    Label: Status Prod. ‎– SP 09 CD
    Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered
    Country: Russia
    Released: 10 Nov 2018
    Style: Industrial, Dark Ambient, Experimental, Drone, Noise

    The deaf darkness of the chthonic forest gives birth to hitherto unseen monsters and their moans, like dead leaves, are carried by the wind between the skeletons of trees, as ancient as the Earth itself. Lost souls sigh, wheeze,howl, revealing their essence , when the Moon is in her second quarter…
    Status Prod. presents new CD – album of the anonymous ritual ambient / death industrial project When the Moon is in her second quarter “Like dead leaves”.
    Two nameless hymns–rituals are dedicated to the memory of Yevgeniy Yufit, the founder of the genre Necrorealism in cinema, painting and literature.
    The record features guest appearance of Ord Err (ORD).
    The album was released in 200 hand-numbered copies, and is a pennant made of brown designer cardboard with PAINT-IT-BLACK DESIGN, applied by silk-screen printing on it, in silver color.

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    Hiemis – Radix

    Hiemis – Radix
    Label: Noctivagant
    Format: CDR
    Country: Spanish
    Released: 2020
    Style: Drone, Dark Ambient

    However, the cathedrals were not only temples strictly dedicated to religious worship; in turn, they become places of encounter, of discussion, of contemplation. Sanctuary of the Tradition of Science and Art, the Gothic cathedral must be seen as a sufficient concretion of popular ideas, trends and faith, as a perfect whole that we can go to without fear when we try to know the thoughts of our ancestors , in all fields: religious, secular, philosophical or social.

    The medieval builders, authentic creators of these complex and amazing buildings, breathed into their works a whole series of knowledge and hermetic messages. From the conception of the building in a plane, through its orientation or the layout of its plan, each and every one of the elements of a cathedral or a church were carefully planned following some schemes loaded with symbolism and knowledge that largely He had inherited from antiquity. The imprint of these esoteric doctrines, applied by the builders, was evident in the designs made in cathedrals and medieval temples.

    Among the students of these buildings, the figure of the enigmatic controversial alchemist Fulcanelli stands out, for which the cathedrals constituted a compendium of all the knowledge of medieval alchemy. The principles of hermetic wisdom were exposed there, in the sight of all, but through symbols incomprehensible to the uninterested. The alchemist related, for example, the plant of the cathedrals in the form of a cross with the alchemical crucible and linked the seven medallions of the Virgin on the facade of Nôtre Dâme with the seven metals of the alchemical process for obtaining gold. He affirmed that «Gothic art» came from the term «argot», a secret language that only the initiates knew and that the light that penetrated inside the cathedrals had thaumaturgical properties because the stained glass filtered the harmful rays of the sun.

    «Art and science, once concentrated in the great monasteries, escape from the laboratory, run to the building, grab the bell towers, the pinnacles, the buttresses, hang from the arches of the vaults,` populate the niches , they transform the glasses into precious gems, the bronzes into sound vibrations, and they spread over the facades in a joyful flight of freedom and expression. «

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    Hiemis – Hyperborea

    Hiemis – Hyperborea
    Label: Noctivagant
    Format: CDR
    Country: Spanish
    Released: 2019
    Style: Drone, Dark Akmbient

    The dark-ambient and cold-cinematographic styles definitely are the main sources of inspiration running through this opus. I also noticed a few experimental treatments, but globally speaking this is music to activate evil spirits. Haunting voices and deep, humming tones will accompany the listener during their nightmarish trip. «side-line»

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    Hiemis – Zothique

    Hiemis – Zothique
    Label: Noctivagant
    Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
    Country: USA
    Style: Drone, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Dungeon Synth, Neo-Classical

    Zothique (Clark Ashton Smith)
    «He who has trod the shadows of Zothique
    And looked upon the coal-red sun oblique,
    Henceforth returns to no anterior land,
    But haunts a later coast
    Where cities crumble in the black sea-sand
    And dead gods drink the brine.

    He who has known the gardens of Zothique
    Were bleed the fruits torn by the simorgh’s beak,
    Savors no fruit of greener hemispheres:
    In arbors uttermost,
    In sunset cycles of the sombering years,
    He sips an amaranth wine.

    He who has loved the wild girls of Zothique
    Shall not come back a gentler love to seek,
    Nor know the vampire’s from the lover’s kiss:
    For him the scarlet ghost
    Of Lilith from time’s last necropolis
    Rears amorous and malign.

    He who has sailed in galleys of Zothique
    And seen the looming of strange spire and peak,
    Must face again the sorcerer-sent typhoon,
    And take the steerer’s post
    On far-poured oceans by the shifted moon
    Or the re-shapen Sign».

    HIEMIS is a Spanish musical project belonging to the dark ambient genre that began its journey in 2018 after a period of reflection on an earlier stage with the darkfolk project Silent Love of Death. («The Poet´s Senses» 2004-Palace of Worms, «Donde Habite el Olvido» 2011-GH Records)

    In the little HIEMIS life I have published my music with the North American label Noctivagant with Phillip Abraham as well as with the Spanish label GH Records with the responsible Avencio Delgado.

    Nachtstücke (GH Records, 2018), Hyperborea (Noctivagant Records, 2019), Thule (GH Records, 2019) and Radix (Noctivagant Records, 2020). The latest album La Chose, about to be released under the GH Records label in spring
    2021 in a very special edition as it will be accompanied by
    an esoteric ritual book translated into two languages,
    Spanish and English.

    Although its sound has evolved to more ritual sounds, it maintains immersive textures together with drones in dark and disturbing environments.The main evolution that HIEMIS has had at this time has been at a con

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    Long-form interviews with: Moral Order, Post Scriptvm & Total Black & Nordvargr (30+ year/career spanning interview).
    Detailed report / photos of the Dominion of Flesh: 5 Years of Cloister Recordings festival.
    Reviews: 50+ detailed reviews (ambient/ industrial/ experimental / power electronics etc.).
    Artwork: Original cover artwork + review section artwork by Nordvargr.

    A5 Format

    Professional print, colour cover, grey-scale throughout.
    ‘Perfect bound’ spine, with matt laminate, thick card stock cover.
    90 pages in length.
    Limited to 600 copies.

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    Nordvargr – Pyrrhula (Vinyl, LP)

    Nordvargr – Pyrrhula (Vinyl, LP)
    Label: Cold Spring – CSR98LP
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Remastered
    Country: UK
    Released: May 21, 2021
    Style: Dark Ambient, Drone, Doom Metal

    Recorded winter/spring 2008 at Villa Bohult, Sweden.

    This edition has been restored from the original masters, and further refined for the vinyl format.

    Based on Swedish doomlord mythology.

    Partly based on an old Swedish folktale, Pyrrhula (“doomlord”) is a pitch black journey into utter darkness. This is a tale of foreboding doom… a portent of dark times to come… a blight on the face of this earth. These eight Black Ambient / Doom / Droneworks were brought forth from the abyss of Villa Bohult exclusively for Cold Spring and contain the malevolent vocals of Lord Nordvargr himself!.

    “Beware the small creatures of light, they only bring misery and death upon the enlightened ones. For they will paint their breast with blood and reap your unborn angels.”

    Ltd x 500 copies on pale amber vinyl.
    Black Fruit Of The Loom Heavy Cotton t-shirt with front and back print.

    Composed By – Henrik Nordvargr Björkk
    Recorded winter/spring 2008 at Villa Bohult, Sweden.
    Artwork – Abby Helasdottir
    Mastered By – Martin Bowes


    «What is most remarkable about ‘Pyhrrhula’ is given how unrelenting it is, it is an easy album to listen to. There are some pretty great melodies hidden in there… If ‘Pyrrhula’ was colour it would be vantablack, or more correctly the spectrum of darkness, and black, ending in vantablack. It’s an album that feels like it sucks the air out of the room. It makes you sit still and take notice, but most importantly, it still sounds as epic and devastating as it did 13 years ago.» (Vital Weekly)

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    Schloss Tegal ‎– Psychometry (Double Vinyl,LP)

    Schloss Tegal ‎– Psychometry (Double Vinyl,LP)
    Label: La Esencia – LER023/2018LP
    Format: 2 LP, Vinyl, Album
    Country: Spain
    Released: Jul 2019
    Style: Dark Ambient, Industrial

    Schloss Tegal is back!! After a long silence since the classic «The Myth Of Meat» album, the legendary project Schloss Tegal take the needed time for work on this new enigmatic opus titled Psychometry.

    13 new tracks in a intense psychogenic journey into the dark side of the human mind, created by the hands of Richard Schneider. A deep experience into the Dark Ambient fields & condensed industrial frequencies presented on this new album.

    The LP Edition comes presented in a Gatefold cover with UVI finish and printed innersleeves (Black Vinyl. Edition of 200 copies)

    *The vinyl Edition contain 2 Bonus tracks only available on this set.
    **Exclusive artwork by Alonso Urbanos (http://www.alonsourbanos.com/)

    SIDE A
    – Psychopompus
    – Incorporeal Being
    – The Invalid Earth

    SIDE B
    – Krononaut (Time Zero)
    – Black Vessel
    – Codex Lego

    SIDE C
    – Night Regime
    – Body Farm
    – The Operators
    – I Am I Am

    SIDE D
    – Now Ends Here**
    – The Proper Study Of Man**
    – We All Become Gods

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    The Ever Sounding Sea Of Grief by Philippe Blache

    Philippe Blache ‎– The Ever Sounding Sea Of Grief
    Label: Triple Moon Records
    Format: CD, Album
    Country: France
    Released: 2023
    Style: Dark Ambient, Neo-Classical, Neo-Romantic

    REISSUE OF A RELEASE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED BY GH RECORDS, 2022 with new package and alternative artwork. Ecopack CD ltd.

    « The ever sounding sea of grief » is a cathartic and spiritually uplifting musical journey. Partly abandonning the lyrical component which was central in previous releases of his musical project «Day Before Us» Philippe Blache introduces here a slight new stylistic turn. This album makes incursions within the world of avant gardism, noise ambient and modern classical minimalism with a subtle cinematic edge. It can be appreciated as a purging ritual mainly built around harrowing reverb piano key, blackened skies of droney textures, then majestic organ patterns within a foreboding sonic spectrum. Those lengthy tracks feature additional arrangements as spoken words.. «The ever sounding sea of grief» is a thrilling and colossal poetical/musical drama of overwhelming expressive intensity.

    Philippe Blache (Day Before Us) / Concept, All instruments & electronics
    Olga Gabris / Narratives
    Natalie Ina / Photos set

    Giuseppe Verticchio / Audio mastering & artwork

    Bandcamp removed this work in April 2023, removed all Bandcamp from GH Records without any explanation, 12 years of music removed. To everyone who bought the special edition The Ever Sounding Sea Of Grief by Day Before Us or digitally thank you very much for the support.

    Otros trabajos de Day Before Us / Other references →

    Day Before Us ‎– Ode A La Nuit D’Ombre
    → Day Before Us ‎– Adorned path of Stillness
    Day Before Us – Misty Shroud Of Regrets
    Day Before Us ‎– Prélude à l’âme d’élégie
    Day Before Us ‎– Nihil Interit
    Antikatechon ‎– I Feel Nothing But Repulsion
    Day Before Us / Nimh – Under Mournful Horizons