Day Before Us – As My Spirit Wanders Free

Celebrating 10 years, new album!

Day Before Us is an emotional, ethereal and dark ambient music project formed in 2011 by the piano trained player and composer Philippe Blache. Full length releases have been published by Rage in Eden, Twilight Records, OPN and GH Records. A palette of immersive electronic textures, slowly moving melancholic piano airs, industrial noises, lyrical themes, neoclassical arrangements and discreet experimentations characterize the compositional process and the stylistic inclination. Creative strength of the project comes from reflections on timelessness, memories of a bygone era, romantic spleen and spiritual narratives. Day Before Us occasionally gives live performances and works in the context of intermedia collaborations.

«Day Before Us» new album! The content just been mastered, it is an emotionally rich effort, made of darkened poetical drama, heart-stirring sounds and ecstatic moments shifting inward. Stay tuned

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